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Welcome! I assume you're interested in working with me to overcome one of the most be-devilling challenges in business: Executing Strategy.

You've come to the right place.

This complementary 55-minute session helps you look at things differently, from a systems and design thinking perspective. We'll talk about, identify, and address the underlying human stories and practices that are 'common sense' in your organization - and route out those which are hindering your success. We will also see new opportunities and pathways - in just 55 minutes.

The best part is that we'll both gain insight into working together and you will get valuable advice that you can act on immediately.

Here's an outline of the session:

0-5 min: Background and context

You'll explain what you're looking to accomplish. I'll have done my homework on publicly available information and/or anything you choose to send me ahead of time on revenue, status of company, maturity, leadership, opportunities, struggles, market positioning, etc.

5-10 min: Deeper dive

I'll ask about issues that are unclear, anomalies I see, opportunities I perceive but don't see action on, and background on some of the players.

10-20 min: Explore your issues and thoughts on a plan

You'll describe what you want to do, the obstacles you'll encounter and what you want to make happen by when, who you need to enroll, your timelines, and any potential metrics.

15-20 min: Co-invent a more powerful solution together

I'll offer options and we will discuss. Have you thought about...? What if...? Dis you consider...? Here is a different way of looking at XYZ. Did you know that if... you can accomplish ABC. Have you read the work of ____?

I read more than 100 books a year and always have an area of focus and exploration. I'll point you to new thinking and, if appropriate, introduce you to new people who can help you.

We will have fun and you will get LOTS of food for thought. We will come up with a powerful approach and the beginnings of a great plan that you can implement.

5-10 min: Wrap up and Next Steps if appropriate

If you decide that you want more help and we decide that we want to work together, we'll craft a fitting program. We will agree on commitments and next steps. No pressure, no 'sell'. I do work I love; with people I like; the way we both want. I hope you do too.

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