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The Innovation Capacity Benchmark 

Completing An Innovation Capacity Benchmark offers leaders and teams some key advantages. A brief questionnaire that your people can take, followed up by a set of guided recommendations that will drive results in three specific areas:-

  • Business Impact:
    You can choose specific metrics you'd like to impact, such as customer retention, New Product Time to Market or Revenue Growth, and use the survey outputs to identify areas where there are goal inhibitors, and also determine the most appropriate actions to improve goal achievement. 

  • Innovation Capacity:
    How well a team performs is substantially driven by their propensity to innovate. While there can be multiple factors that impact this,  engaged people who are enjoying their jobs and understand the value they bring, are vastly more likely to innovate. The relationship between team engagement and innovation is very symbiotic, and developing your capacity to lead innovation and build innovation capacity can have a dramatic and positive impact on other engagement metrics. 

  • Eco-System Awareness:
    Curiosity really is the mother of invention, and when organisations become locked in 'silo thinking' and mired in a culture of  'task completion', it's really easy for even the brightest of people to lose sight of the bigger picture. The Innovation Capacity Benchmark shows you where these threats are taking hold, gives you a course of action to take to address them, and allows you to start quantifying the  extraordinary cost of "collaboration overhead". 

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The Innovation Capacity Benchmark is a fast to deploy and easy to buy program designed for departmental and team managers who see the innovation opportunity.

The pricing starts at $1500 for a team of ten people. Get in touch today if you want to take the first step to Innovation Leadership. 

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