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The Innovation Mindset

By Jennifer Kenny

The Innovation Mindset: Learning to Innovate Better

The key to innovating for and with humans is
adopting PRACTICES that drive Innovation across
your entire business ecosystem.


When we don’t pay attention to the practices ofhuman innovation, we miss out on the critical skills that must be intentionally built up within a team over time. When we’re stuck in the Invention Model, we’re still looking for lightbulb moments: we believe that we can hire a genius innovator, and then magic happens. But when we have only one bulb, that bulb ultimately burns out.

If we can’t move beyond the Invention model, we will struggle to produce sustainable innovation. Human Innovation is the missing link for both enhancing our individual and team innovation capacity and for creating successful changes in practice for communities of human beings.

“The Innovation Mindset” will be published in February 2023. Keep up to date by signing up for our newsletter.

One of the most critical lessons for R&D organizations is that invention is the easiest part of innovation. I strongly recommend The Innovation Mindset to anyone who wants to learn how to do the more challenging part - the transformation by human teams of inventions into innovations.

Gill Pratt

Chief Scientist of Toyota Motor Corporation and CEO of Toyota Research Institute

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