To help you do something you never thought was possible and to prepare you to lead others to do the same.

Inspirational leaders are a rare breed. They bring huge amounts of energy, creativity, passion and innovation to the game. They create committed followers, they make amazing things happen and they deliver huge value for their organizations. But they also run the risk of burning out, of not taking care of themselves, of not establishing a sustainable cadence, and of moving so fast that others get frustrated trying to stay up with them. Yet these people, with the right mentoring, are some of the most valuable people any organization can hire, nurture, grow, support and ultimately keep.

When you engage me as a mentor you will get someone who bring a lifetime of understanding, observation, practices and skills to the art and science of inspirational and transformational leadership and at the same time someone who has your back, who will help you make and deliver on commitments to yourself as well as to everyone else.  My mentoring programs are custom tailored to your particular situation, and I can do that because I have done your job. I believe a mentor is someone who has done your job or reached your level of seniority.

My mentoring comes from deep experience in the trenches, facing what you are facing, having done what you are doing and so I bring a deep respect for the hard work involved and a strong knowledge of the struggles and pitfalls as well as huge excitement about the opportunities and possibilities for success.

We will pull from powerful practices such as Systems Thinking, popularized by Peter Senge (MIT) in his book The Fifth Discipline; Language Action Design/Human Centered Design masterfully introduced by Terry Winograd (Stanford) and Fernando Flores in their paradigm shifting book Understanding Computers and Cognition; and Promise Based Management (MIT) Donald Sull, Charles Spinosa, and others in Simple Rules, Promise Based Management.

I have also had the pleasure of working with and learning from Fernando Flores, (Understanding Computer and Cognition); Richard Ross (The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook), and Charles Spinosa (Promise Based Management). And since I am contrantly adding to my knowledge of the work of the great thinkers, inspirers, transformers and leaders, you will derive full benefit from the marauding that I do for enjoyment. (Webster’s says marauding is like pillaging, I prefer the J.K. Rowling interpretation which is more akin to exploring and learning.)

Throughout my working life, I’ve had mentors to help guide me and influence my direction. It would be an honor to share your journey.

We will blend these with some of the great practices from the coaching toolbox and I’ll also provide a personalized reading list and a book for you to read after each mentoring session.

I realize that a mentoring program is an investment for you and I ensure we take the time to understand the value you expect from this investment at the start of the program.

Throughout my working life, I’ve had mentors to help guide me and influence my direction. It would be an honor to share your journey.


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