My experience as a C-Level Executive

and my deep operational and financial understanding of organizations coupled with my unique and powerful insights into the dynamics of human work in organizations, really come to the fore when I am facilitating a team and cross-functional team working sessions. I can cut right to the key issues and I can reflect ideas back to the team in and way that facilitates then reaching effective decisions on their own and as their own. I love bringing out the best in every member of the team and holding space for them to create brilliance together beyond anything they have done before.

I never lead a session without a clear and deep understanding of the business issues and opportunities, I develop these in partnership with her primary client. So, I am helping to move the strategic conversation in a certain direction aligned with the vision as it emerges and becomes richer and deeper with broader participation.

Jennifer did an amazing job of listening to and integrating the adgendas of each of the senior team. She helped us work out viable solutions to differences of opinion and together we developed a strategy that we could all agree to and get behind”

Mark Godley

I believe that any team is involved in two processes at once: producing work of value while simultaneously working to improve the team’s own internal working processes, to that end my facilitation sessions are a finely balanced combination of applied learning, in the moment, for the participants and clear action, decision-making and results.