Nancy Speidel,

Senior Leader in Information Technology

“Your vision and work has great potential to be a ‘game changer’ for how Gender Diversity is progressed. Your transformation program is moving the dial from the historical approach of steady hard fought progression to a step change catalyst with immediate, visible and positive results. Thank you for moving the dial and changing the narrative for women all around the world.”

Stu Schmidt

Chief Revenue Officer & Co-founder

Omnquo, Inc. 

"Jennifer is an accomplished professional in every respect. She brings a strong discipline of business process combined with superb leadership skills, enabling her to build and lead a high-performance team. Jennifer has an innate understanding of customer concerns and develops relationships that create mutual business value. Few people possess the ability to create vision, develop strategy and execute flawlessly...Jennifer is one of these elite individuals."

Ian Dunlop

VP Engineering

Cloud Security at Intel Security

"An engineering organization I managed was stuck in a rut and I had been recruited to turn it around. I engaged Jennifer and her colleagues to assist me in engaging the team, shifting their 'historical' mindset to encompass new goals and possibilities. The materials and approach used were revolutionary. The turn around was completed ahead of time, went further than was anticipated and spurred the engineering team to achieve world class performance that delivered both significant cost savings and additional revenues within a year. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone requiring her services."

Mir Baqar


Product Solutions @ Xtime

"Jennifer and her team were instrumental in helping our IT organization transform into a high performance team. She helped establish an effective, customer focused process model, which not only raised the level of efficiencies within the whole organization but also helped improve customer satisfaction."

Faramarz Abedini

Senior Principal Consultant


"In the overcrowded BPM arena BizThink stands apart and the sole reason for this is Jennifer. 

Jennifer is a visionary. Her professionalism in managing teams of different professionals while balancing clients' expectations leaves anyone in awe. 

She is an asset to any project by redefining your business processes to maximum effect thereby increasing the bottomline. It is a pleasure working with her."

Chet Amborn

Project Manager / Business Process Analyst

Windsor Solutions

"Jennifer is truly a thought-leader in business process design and the creation of BPM software applications. She was also an invaluable resource in helping to design the Process Owner Community training program for GreenPoint Mortgage using the principles of commitment-based management. Jennifer brings an optimistic outlook to all business challenges, and she is a wonderful coach and collaborator."

Doug Okun


Enterprise Digitization at Wells Fargo

"Jennifer was outstanding to work on an engagement with. She cuts right through to the key issues, and is excellent at presenting in a way that the client easily reaches the solution on their own. She has tremendous clarity and insight into organizational behavior and business context, all of which make her extremely effective with clients. I can't wait to work with her again. Plus... she's fun."

Jeff Goldberg

Computer Software Consultant and Professional

"Jennifer has a startling ability to turn teams within an organization who have warred with each other for years--in some cases unable even to talk to each other civilly--into a coherent effective single team. The result has uniformly been a happy, effective collaboration that far exceeds the expectations of her clients. This ability is based on her understanding--and her ability to help clients understand--that ANY team is always involved in two processes at once: producing something of value while simultaneously improving the team's own internal working processes.

And she's fun to work with."

Jeff Klaben

Chief Information Security Officer

SRI International

As SRI’s CIO, Jennifer Kenny consistently brought constructive energy and focus, but also great finesse to every situation. Her capacity for building a cohesive, dynamic team and managing team commitments is exceptional. Her leadership resulted in a refreshed and refocused IT program at SRI that is well aligned with business objectives. She is the kind of boss who makes people want to come to work.


Praveen Kesani

Technology Manager & Sr Vice President

Wells Fargo Bank

"Jennifer and I worked on a BPM project. Jennifer was calm under pressure and would strategize and come out with a clear cut plan for solving problems. Jennifer has this special ability to distill complex technical information and relate it to business functionality."

James Fryhling

Director - IT Support Services


"I was fortunate to have worked with Jennifer for over a year while at SRI. She truly is an exceptional leader. Jennifer has an uncanny ability to assemble a team, rally and unify them behind a vision, and then enable and encourage everyone to do and be their very best. The depth of her knowledge throughout the IT service stack is impressive on its own, but it’s her leadership and ability to build alignment, consensus and trust which set her apart from her peers. Jennifer is the leader you choose to follow, not because you have to, but because you genuinely want to. She doesn’t “manage” people so much as she coaches, guides and empowers them, and does so with the humor and warmth that are missing from so many executives. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Jennifer again."

Jeff Weinberger

Director of Marketing

Education Elements

"Jennifer is one of the most positive, capable, fun, intelligent and interesting people with whom I've ever had the pleasure to work. Jennifer's uncanny knack for spotting wonderful opportunities in nearly any situation and figuring out how to pursue them has made working with her both a pleasure and a thrill-ride. 

Jennifer's ability to wade through challenges and her relentless focus on creating success not only for her, but for all of her people drives her success and creates raving fans among her team, her peers and throughout the organization. 

Jennifer's unique insights into people and organizations and how they work has made her a valuable mentor."