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Next Level Innovation Leadership


Current structures for leading and managing people don’t allow for the emergence of brilliance, the innovation mindset changes that.

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How do we create an environment where genius is able to emerge?

True innovation is the adoption of new practices in your working environment, not only to reach the goal but rather to reap all the results.

Traditional means of organization don’t work for innovation teams. The basic concept of what lies beneath and beyond existing technology requires an ecosystem that is fundamentally different to that required in delivery are they service or the fabrication of a product.

Innovation leaders need to forget tired methodologies for managing people that are product-focused and move toward creating a different kind of environment.

First, you have to align & engage the genius with a common language.

  • Break down the idea of siloed disciplines, create a culture of collaboration & shared value.

  • Create a common language that fosters wider communication toward a greater goal.

  • Cultivate an ecosystem designed to recognize and celebrate unplanned discoveries & opportunities.

  • Develop a culture with a clear path for tech transfer that gives space for interdisciplinary research & intrapreneurship.

  • Ignite a fire in your team who are driven by the excitement of being a team that empowers them to do great things.

This Program is
Available in 4 Ways



Introduction to Innovation Leadership.


Introduction to Innovation Leadership



Next Level Innovation Leadership


Next Level Innovation Leadership


Executive Coaching

Designed for Innovation Leaders

Executive Coaching

Designed for Innovation Leaders


Executive Offsites

Executable Innovation Strategy

Executive Offsites

Executable Innovation Strategy

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This workshop is designed to be a deeply interactive learning experience for participants to think about work and innovation differently. To understand innovation as a human practice and so see how co-ordination, co-invention, knowledge creation, empathy, and courage play a foundational role in all innovation.

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Next Level Innovation Leadership
(6 months online learning, group and 1:1 coaching, project focused)

Advance from purely product innovation to product, human and ecosystem innovation.

Unlock your full potential to maximize your organizational catalysts (metrics, standards, OKRs, etc.), create solutions that are valued in the marketplace, optimize processes and dashboards, forge powerful partnerships, and ignite the brilliance all around you.

Mobilize teams to co-invent, create knowledge and establish systemic knowledge to deliver innovation consistently, establish alignment, build trust, and eliminate waste.


This program is for your teams if:

  • They have big goals and are inexperienced in complex Human Coordination

  • No one wants to manage or be managed in the traditional way

  • People want to be more proactive, self-starters in designing their own work

  • People don’t want to manage teams for fear of not being able to do their own research

This program is customizable to fit your particular needs and ambitions. It is designed to increase the Innovation Capacity of organizations and move you and your teams up the levels of Innovation Capability.

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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching: Executive Coaching for Innovation Leaders

A 6-month intensive one-on-one coaching program for senior executives who want to break silos, build innovators and amplify their teams.

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Executive Offsites

Executive Offsites: Executable Innovation Strategy

Executional excellence is the #1 challenge facing corporate leaders in the U.S., Europe, & Asia, with ~75% of large organizations struggling to implement their strategies. Cross-functional coordination is key to executional excellence, but these skills are not fostered by traditional workplace models. Using her experience as a strategist and former C-Level executive, Jennifer guides teams to develop strategy that is built on cross-functional coordination, co-invention and knowledge creation, helping organizations build their capacity for executional excellence and develop strategies that are truly executable. It also helps that she is a strategist and has been a C-Level exec.

This is for your team if you:

  • Have a BIG agenda and goals but are really struggling to execute on strategy

  • Have alignment among your team (you get on well) but you still don’t seem to be able to pull it off

  • Try to stick to the plan but the market and competition is changing fast

  • Prioritize communication but still nothing seems to stick


Changes the way technology teams think and act to create clarity and alignment across roles to bring innovation strategy to life.

Executable Innovation Strategy is delivered via a 2-day format using Systems Thinking, Design Thinking and Promise-Based Management methodology. 

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Jennifer did an amazing job of listening to and integrating the agendas of each of the senior team, she helped us work out viable solutions to differences of opinion, and we developed a strategy that we could all get behind. Her methodology is a powerful way to get real commitment behind a strategy and build agility into the supporting resource requirements.

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Mark Godley
President | LeadGenius



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Bring your innovation strategy to life.

Before engaging with most clients, Jennifer offers a complementary 55-minute session to understand your challenges so she can discuss an executable strategy on the call.

Click here to learn more, or click below to schedule your session.

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