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Technology and business transformations – I’ve done over 15 of them; on the business side and on the technology side, in divisions and company-wide; as an employee and as an implementer.

I love them, they have a certain kind of madness that I am drawn to. If you have a transformation underway or you are about to embark on one, it’s time to get really clear about how to make that a success.

Building transformational capacity is a business imperative. One study suggests that 75 per cent of the S&P 500 will turn over in the next 15 years. Another says that one in three companies will delist in the next five years. A third shows that the ‘topple rate’ of industry leaders falling from their perch has doubled in a generation.

Operational programs are designed to institute new processes or practices. They are a very useful way of refining or ‘tweaking’ an existing system. Operational practices are the very foundation of our businesses.

Transformational thinking on the other hand is all about innovation. It is bringing in and embedding new thinking into our businesses. If this new thinking is powerful, effective and our businesses (the people in the company) can change to embrace it, then it can create a leap forward in our competitive capability.

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