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Master the
Innovation Mindset

Jennifer Kenny helps senior executives ignite a culture of innovation that leads to more valuable solutions, optimal processes, and increases the innovative capabilities of technology teams.

She’s been selected as 150 Women B2B Thought Leaders You Should Follow in 2023.

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Jennifer Kenny Innovation Mindset Clients


The Innovation Mindset

Ignite a culture of innovation, increase innovation capacity and achieve strategic advantage.

Design Thinking for Leading Innovation

Create new knowledge, share it across the ecosystem, and quickly embody it in new technologies.

Regenerative Leadership

Create the mindset needed to successfully move to the regenerative economy.

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The Innovation Mindset Moonshot graphic

To have even a chance at a moonshot, you must first rethink the path to innovation.



Reevaluate the approach. Most leaders fail their hand-selected teams because they chart the course for innovation before anyone’s ever left on the journey. This limits where and how anyone can progress. Aligning toward the big idea and then following up with a mindset that takes into consideration new opportunities as they unfold will lead to greater outcomes. Innovation is emergent.


New Opportunity

Smart leaders incorporate systems to allow for new exploration, understanding and knowledge creation. This leads to greater value for the organization and also taps into the commitment and passion of true innovators who are always looking for way to reduce the noise of bureaucracy and increase the signal of new and groundbreaking thinking.


Planned Pinnacle

It’s true that an organization needs to be focused on moving toward a planned product or solution. However, with a mindset shift we can open up the culture to one of real innovation beyond the planned product. True innovation requires a deep understanding of emergence, and the practice of co-ordination, co-invention, knowledge creation & innovation.



The goal is to have a shared understanding of what innovation truly is. An understanding of innovation as ‘adoption of new practices in a community’ that goes beyond the planned product & toward the greater solution that emerges through innovation. Aligning toward this greater potential moonshot, that will change lives, is the key to generating truly great outcomes. When you change the mindset of a brilliant team, you unleash something greater than the sum of the parts.

In Their Words

The turn around was completed ahead of time, went further than was anticipated and spurred the engineering team to achieve world class performance that delivered both significant cost savings and additional revenues within a year.

Ian Dunlop

VP of Engineering Cloud Security | Intel

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The Innovation Mindset book



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