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Jennifer Kenny
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Jennifer Kenny is a master of innovation practices. She increases the capacity of leaders, teams and organizations to fuel innovation, performance and revenue in complex and emergent technology ecosystems. Jennifer is passionate about helping amazing people deliver highly successful projects by amplifying others.

For more than 25 years, Jennifer has devoted herself to the study and mastery of the practice of innovation. Building on the disciplines of Systems & Design Thinking, Language Action Design and Human Coordination, she has developed the Mastering the Innovation Mindset™, Mastering Innovation Leadership™ and Mastering Regenerative Leadership™ programs to help senior leaders and their teams ignite and embed transformative innovation practices. These programs provide critical meta-skills, methodologies and frameworks that enable them to lead and amplify cross-functional innovation capabilities, rapidly develop more valuable products and optimal coordination processes.

Jennifer graduated from University College, Dublin with a B.Sc. in geology and chemistry, has an M.Sc. in engineering geology from Imperial College, London and a Masters in Innovation from the Center for Innovation Leadership at Stanford Research Institute (SRI). Today, she works with the biggest names in tech and offers transformative leadership development to research and development teams around the world. She is on the Advisory Board of spatial web startup

Jennifer has held senior positions with Accenture, Booz Allen and Gartner, senior executive roles with Wells Fargo Bank, Cisco, University of California, and was CIO at Stanford Research Institute.

She is a kayaker, diver, fisherwoman, gardener, remodeler, avid reader, patient wife, proud mom, and passionate Irishwoman.



Jennifer Kenny speaks, mentors, trains, and facilitates sessions on Human Innovation, with a specific focus on three of the biggest levers of innovation: technology, gender diversity, and ecosystem management. Her work is founded on Systems Thinking and Language Action Design/Human Centered Design.

Jennifer has been selected as 150 Women B2B Thought Leaders You Should Follow in 2022.

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“All of my programs are based on my deeply held belief that innovation is a human practice, and that a company, product and innovation ecosystem must be designed and aligned for people as well as for processes and practices. And, all great design begins with empathy.”

Jennifer Kenny

A Short Word From Jennifer

I am passionate about helping amazing people thrive in complex technical environments. My work is founded on Systems Thinking, Design Thinking and Language Action Design. I’ve had the honor and the pleasure of working with some of the leading thinkers in the space and contributing something to the field myself.

My work is based on the following principles:

  • Innovation is a human practice.

  • Innovation is a human practice of managing and leading in complex adaptive systems.

  • Innovation is driven by humans who invent their future in language.

  • Humans learn fastest via recursive feedback loops.

  • If the design of your ecosystem, your environment, and your mindset are aligned to produce as many recursive feedback loops as possible, you will increase your innovation capability.

  • All great design begins with empathy.

Awards & Recognition

Jennifer Kenny has received several international awards in recognition of her leadership and innovation work.

  • Internationally acclaimed IDGDEMO Entrepreneurship Award

  • Intel/University of California Business Plan Award

  • Silicon Valley ITLG Top50 Global Award Winner 2020

  • Silicon Valley ITLG Top50 Global Award Winner 2019

  • Selected as 150 Women B2B Thought Leaders You Should Follow in 2022.


Bring your innovation strategy to life.

Before engaging with most clients, Jennifer offers a complementary 55-minute session to understand your challenges so she can discuss an executable strategy on the call.

Click here to learn more, or click below to schedule your session.


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