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The Innovation Mindset

A proven method to fuel performance and results


The key to innovating for and with humans is adopting PRACTICES that drive Innovation across your entire business ecosystem.

When we don’t pay attention to the practices of human innovation, we miss out on the critical skills that must be intentionally built up within a team over time. When we’re stuck in the Invention Model, we’re still looking for lightbulb moments: we believe that we can hire a genius innovator, and then magic happens. But when we have only one bulb, that bulb ultimately burns out.

If we can’t move beyond the Invention model, we will struggle to produce sustainable innovation. Human Innovation is the missing link for both enhancing our individual and team innovation capacity and for creating successful changes in practice for communities of human beings.

The Innovation Mindset Book Cover

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Gill Pratt
"One of the most critical lessons for R&D organizations is that invention is the easiest part of innovation. I strongly recommend The Innovation Mindset to anyone who wants to learn how to do the more challenging part - the transformation by human teams of inventions into innovations."

Gill Pratt

Chief Scientist of Toyota Motor Corporation and CEO of Toyota Research Institute

Kelly Kay
"Jennifer’s approach allows you to increase your organisation’s innovation capacity enabling you and your team to deliver real results. In addition, her deep appreciation of and practices around the genius of gender balance further expands and drives innovation capacity. I strongly recommend The Innovation Mindset to anyone seeking to energize and amplify the power of innovation in their organization."

Kelly Kay

Board member & Advisor — Retired: President, COO, General Counsel, CFO. Toyota Research Institute I Lyft I PayPal | Mastercard | eBay

"Jennifer has an innate understanding of customer concerns and develops relationships that create mutual business value. Few people possess the ability to create vision, develop strategy, and execute flawlessly. Jennifer is one of these elite individuals."

Stu Schmidt

Chief Revenue Officer | Leadspace

"The human aspect of innovation is a perpetual challenge for researchers working at the leading edge of robotics and AI. The Innovation Mindset provides a unique view into how to improve human collaboration in support of greater innovation."
"The Innovation Mindset offers an effective, well-researched and focused perspective on the biggest challenge facing innovators: How to that consistently drive ambitious performance through the development of human centered innovation practices"
"Jen is a wonderful human being who understands that innovation is executed through imperfect people. The Innovation Mindset brings a wealth of knowledge for unlocking the innovation potential in human-centered collaboration, and expanding and leading innovation capacity in complex technical environments."

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Burgard

Professor for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Technology Nuremberg, and co-author of ‘Probabilistic Robotics’

Bob Dunham

Co-author of The Innovator's Way, Founder of the Institute for Generative Leadership

Ryan Eustice

Senior Vice President, Human Centric AI & Technology Adoption, Toyota Research Institute

Bulk Sales

If you’d like to purchase multiple copies of The Innovation Mindset for your team, event, or to give as gifts, please contact Discounts may be available, depending on volume.​

Book Tours

Jennifer is happy to speak on many of her books and associated thought leadership. Live lectures, broadcasts, and podcasts are all possible.

Reach out to us with the contact below to schedule a call, or visit our Keynote Topics page to explore other available speaking engagements.

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What The Hell Do We Do Now?

An enterprise guide to COVID-19 and beyond


For all the talk about the 2020 vision over the past few years, it turns out we had some pretty big cataracts. What the hell do we do now?

In What The Hell Do We Do Now?, 18 authors explore the tools and frameworks that can help you and your organization navigate and emerge from the crisis in better shape than when you entered it.

If the events of 2020 have left you wondering What The Hell Do We Do Now?, this book will serve as a blueprint to stepping confidently into our uncertain future.

wthdwdn-cover-mockup 2.png

WTHDWDN? Book Overview

2020 has been a year of significant disruption to organizations all around the world. By the end of February, bushfires, protests, riots, drone strikes, impeachment and Stock Market crashes had shocked the world. Britain left the European Union and some Royals left Britain. The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken business, economy and society to its core and profoundly changed our priorities and operations. In these times where business, society and economy are being reshaped, we have also seen people and organizations step up and forge a path into the New Normal.

In What The Hell Do We Do Now?, 18 authors explore the tools and frameworks that can help you and your organisation navigate and emerge from crisis in better shape than when you entered it. Drawing on their own research across a wide range of domains, the chapters follow the narrative arc of Victoria Lynn Schmidt’s Heroine’s Journey, the classic story-telling formula of heroes who are thrust into chaos and return transformed through the challenges they face.

Jennifer Kenny

About Jennifer

Jennifer has been working and consulting with tech, product design, and finance for the past 30 years. She has worked with the highest levels of multiple Fortune 500 organizations to solve problems. She uses innovative design thinking and years of experience leading teams in the US, Asia, and Australia to deliver solid concepts that work across cultures. The unifying factor in all of her work is that she had utilized innovation to solve major organizational issues throughout.

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